Leighton Bledsoe

Founding partner Leighton Bledsoe passed away on August 6, 1993 at the age of 90. In June 1947, with fellow Cooley, Crowley & Supple partners Paul Dana and Rogers Smith, Leighton Bledsoe founded the firm known today as Bledsoe, Diestel, Treppa & Crane LLP.

A 1927 graduate of Stanford School of Law, Leighton Bledsoe was to become one of San Francisco’s most successful and respected trial attorneys and was named Trial Attorney of the Year in 1972 by the American Board of Trial Advocates. Mr. Bledsoe’s style as a litigator was characterized as “scholarly, methodical and sincere” and he enjoyed considerable success in many areas of insurance defense, especially medical malpractice.

Though retired in 1978, Mr. Bledsoe remained active in the firm which bears his name until his death in 1993.