Practice Areas

Bledsoe, Diestel, Treppa & Crane LLP attorneys specialize in defending individuals and businesses in litigation. We provide clients with experienced legal representation in all state and federal courts. Our focus on defense of claims has allowed us to develop considerable expertise and we have amassed an impressive record in the following litigation practice areas:

Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death
Since the formation of the firm, Bledsoe attorneys have handled countless catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving premises liability, work site and commercial injuries, motor vehicle negligence, and numerous other forms of catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. Cases handled by our firm routinely have risks valued in the multi-millions of dollars.

Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Rent Control, and Housing Discrimination
We have a particular specialty in Commercial and Residential Landlord-Tenant disputes including expertise in dealing with litigation arising from the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, rent control laws and Ellis Act Evictions. We represent landlords in claims of wrongful eviction, wrongful ejectment, retaliatory evictions, habitability claims and many other types of landlord-tenant disputes. Our firm also handles many commercial and residential homeowner association disputes.

General Construction and Construction Defect Litigation
Bledsoe’s construction group represents a wide variety of clients, including general contractors, developers, subcontractors and suppliers in all aspects of construction. We manage large and complex multiparty litigation matters to a successful conclusion.

Products Liability
Bledsoe handles a wide array of product liability actions as lead counsel, local counsel and national counsel. We represent local and national manufactures, distributors and retailers who have designed, manufactured, sold or furnished products ranging from cosmetics to tractor trailers.

Real Estate
Our attorneys are adept at handling many types of real estate matters including property damage, property boundary disputes, easement disputes, land subsidence, nuisance and trespass claims.

Premises Liability
Bledsoe lawyers expertly defend premises liability claims ranging from trip/slip and fall accidents to the failure to provide adequate security. In defending these cases, our attorneys represent large corporations, shopping centers and individual commercial and residential land owners.

Religious Organization Defense
The defense of religious institutions requires a specialized knowledge of the laws applicable to them. Bledsoe lawyers routinely defend religious organizations in many situations including issues arising from the operation of schools and preschools.

Unfair Competition and Consumer Litigation
Unfair Competition laws permit Plaintiffs to file a lawsuit for virtually any act taken by another. Our attorneys have experience in litigating a myriad of unfair competition claims including claims of statutory violations. We have been successful in limiting the applicability of unfair competition and consumer protections statutes to the benefit of our clients.

Tort Defense
Tort defense is a broad category and our attorneys’ experience is equally broad. We defend all types of tort actions including negligence, intentional torts and defamation. Our broad experience allows our attorneys to draw on skills honed in the practice of numerous types of tort matters.